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Node.js 中监听 redis key 过期事件

· One min read

It is in fact possible to listen to the "expired" type keyevent notification using a subscribed client to the specific channel ( and listening to its message event.

通过 subscribe client 可以监听 __keyevent@{db}__:expired ( db 是你传入的配置 ) 频道来接收过期的事件 ,

const redis = require('redis')
const CONF = {db:3}

let pub, sub

// Activate "notify-keyspace-events" for expired type events
pub = redis.createClient(CONF)
pub.send_command('config', ['set','notify-keyspace-events','Ex'], subscribeExpired)

// Subscribe to the "notify-keyspace-events" channel used for expired type events
function subscribeExpired(e, r){
sub = redis.createClient(CONF)
const expired_subKey = `__keyevent@${CONF.db}__:expired`

sub.subscribe(expired_subKey, function () {
console.log(' [i] Subscribed to "'+expired_subKey+'" event channel : '+r)
sub.on('message', function (chan, msg){
console.log('[expired]', msg)}

//例如,设置一个 key 并设置 10s 超时
function TestKey(){
pub.set('testing', 'redis notify-keyspace-events : expired')
pub.expire('testing', 10)