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"NLP.js" is a general natural language utilities for nodejs. Currently supporting:

  • Guess the language of a phrase
  • Fast levenshtein distance of two strings
  • Search the best substring of a string with less levenshtein distance to a given pattern.
  • Get stemmers and tokenizers for several languages.
  • Sentiment Analysis for phrases (with negation support).
  • Named Entity Recognition and management, multilanguage, and accepting similar strings, so the introduced text does not need to be exact.
  • Natural Language Processing Classifier, to classify utterance into intents.
  • Natural Language Generation Manager, so from intents and conditions it can generate an answer.
  • NLP Manager: a tool able to manage several languages, the Named Entities for each language, the utterance and intents for the training of the classifier, and for a given utterance return the entity extraction, the intent classification and the sentiment analysis. Also, it is able to maintain a Natural Language Generation Manager for the answers.